Mike Kimzey, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Amy J Taylor, CPA, MS, MBA 
Carl Laffoon, DNP, APRN-CNP
Chief Nursing Officer

Our Mission

OneCore Health exists to facilitate best-in-class surgical outcomes for every patient we are privileged to serve.

Our Vision

To be the recognized outcome-based provider in our service area that perfectly harmonizes safety, efficiency, service excellence and treatment effectiveness.

Our CORE Values


  • We demand the highest levels of professional engagement from every physician, clinician and support team member because our patients deserve nothing less.
  • We acknowledge best practices evolve over time and are committed to embrace change that improves our patients’ outcomes.
  • We actively promote a learning culture and will grow from our experiences.


  • We seek and expect the best in each other and in ourselves.
  • We inspire confidence through our competence, hope in our communication and acts of well-being in our patients through actions of our own.
  • We overcome individual weaknesses to ultimately inspire team strength in the pursuit of perfection on behalf of our patients and each other.


  • We are responsible stewards of available resources.
  • We actively listen to individual ideas to promote continuous improvement and ownership of the healing process.
  • We treat one another as human beings, not as categories within humanity.


  • We embrace the ideas of our physicians and staff to deliver knowledgeable and individualized treatment for each patient.
  • We educate our patients to act on behalf of their own well-being and provide them the tools necessary to achieve their goals.
  • We acknowledge that patient trust is earned and empower staff to advocate on behalf of their needs.
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